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My first cartoon

We always called my Mum Batfink because she could always seem to hear EVERYTHING we said! Even when whispering… we would take the mickey by whenever she heard use we would just go ‘Beep beep beep’ like batfink’s hearing. I could remember my first cartoon was Batfink, i always seemed to find it amusing. I … Continue reading

Post-war Graphic AWESOME-NESS!

Its the time of the week again and today ill be talking about how the use of graphic design has changed post-war. Many designers emerged while druing and after the war. One american designer was Paul Rand, during the 1940s he ermerged witrh a personal special approach to modern design. Rand believes that lines, shapes … Continue reading

I Want a Spinning Top Now…

Hello again I have returned… whoop and this week the topic is about two rather…ermm DIFFERENT married designers Charles and Ray Eames. They both worked together to create some very interesting pieces of work which I shall discuss about. Charles, in short, was a fan of Plywood, its true he would use the material for … Continue reading

Welcome To The BRAIN

Aaand I’m back again with another event report. This time I visited the British Library to see two of the galleries known as the Growing Knowledge Exhibition and the Evolving English Exhibition. First of all I headed on over to the Growing Knowledge Exhibition as I heard that it’s rather interactive and the technology freak … Continue reading

Hmmm whats this say? ….Typography.. whats that?

Letters, letters, letters ahh how they bore me….. i’m not particularly a fan of reading myself but well we all got to do it but enough about me complaining lets get down to buisiness. Typography scary word yes? but don’t you worry i’m going to be discussing the use of typography in the past and … Continue reading

London UnderGround ‘Choo Choo!’

The London underground, three words can describe it in todays society…. Delays, Cancellations and…. delays! Then again this guy has already beaten me in making the perfect report about the London Underground today, warning this song has a whole load of offensive language: However the London Underground was not always like this, lets journey … Continue reading

Hello world!

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